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JJ4 : Shopping bag

Size : W37,0 x H40,0 x W10,0

Material : Cow leather x Goat suede leather

Color : Black

Lining color : Black

Accessories color : Antique gold


The ideas for my new design and campaign always derives from the same place, which is the core of who I am.

"The world is made of two opposite aspects intersecting with each other.
Everything depends on how you perceive things. One can end up on either side."

Life and death, man and woman, heaven and earth, good and evil, spirit and material, perfection and imperfection, possible and impossible, revolution and conservation, rich and poor.

What's important is how I express these aspects.

For this season, along with our main line of JJ series, we have additional unisex models to our collection. The design is very casual and elegant, like the other models in the collection, and furthermore, the design is ageless, styleless and can be used in every situation.

The models for the campaign is Lorena, my best friend and a sister figure, and her partner Loris.

Photographer is Zak Andrea Zaccone, one of my long time best friend.

I believe that working with people you know very well for a long time, is the most meaningful thing.