AMBEREBMA was founded in 2012.
All products are designed in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
and manufactured in Tuscany (Italy)
The minimal classic designs of these products are put into shape with high quality leather.
The purpose is to create a bag that can be used for a long time.
Along with this, we would like to add a spice of modern style to the classic look.
amberebma logo
In this society, where we are overflooded with information and mass production, the importance of quality and style is fading out gradually.
Using a special piece for a long time is another aspect in which people are moving away from.
My wish for AMBEREBMA is for the true meaning of creation to keep it's stand and status.

AMBER my favorite fragrance.
It also is a fossilized tree resin which has condensed all the natural neolithic beauties. Using this word as part of the brand name, I wish to create a bag that can be used for a long time.
In order for the people to use the product for a long time, I focus on high quality materials and good manufacturers.
Simple, classic but stylish to a point that is not too embellished.
The bags are made so that it's easy to use and sturdy in order to put away your important belongings.

Why called  AMBEREBMA

Aleister Crowley, a black magician in the late 19th century, who has also had influence on the Beatles, taught the "BACKWARD" theory.
This is where one practices things backwards in order to "see the future". He had practiced listening to records backwards, walked backwards, and many other activities backwards.
The Beatles is one of my favorite bands, and through the band, I came to learn about Crowley.
In order for the consumers to not be influenced by overflowing information, and to also be able to "see the future" for themselves, I interpret the practices of Crowley into the brand label as AMBEREBMA.
The Triangle brand Charm 


 The triangle brand symbol is inspired by the "Abracadabra" symbol from the Christian bible.
The "Abracadabra" is used in the Christian bible as a protection from the evil. In our society where internet and social medias are creating a wave of information, good and bad, I took in this idea of abracadabra using as Charm / Amulet with all hopes that the consumers can pick out the right informations for themselves.